The Path Of The Wild Woman is a 12 week spiritually directed exploration and live forum for women to weave outer expression from inner wisdom, fortified by a cohort of sisters wanting and willing to show up, open, practice, dismantle, recognize, step into, lift up and share what we know! 

This invitation is coming from a long standing inquiry and engaged practice of looking at how to be fully human, fully woman in this here and now. 
This is a little vulnerable to share, but about 8 years ago I had a strange experience. After days of spiritual agitation, I had the experience of seeing a "wild woman" crawl out of my belly. She lead me on a 21 day journey that would initiate significant change in my life, bringing me into situations and conversations where there was a quality of recognition of what each moment Really was and how to navigate with more activated awareness. In a very real sense She is me, She is each of us. She is living archetype that is demanding more air time and recognition. This vision continues to offer very practical guidance and is now leading me to offer this space for our gathering. It has taken this long to more fully trust in sharing from this intimate place of vision and navigating the path of spiritual breadcrumbs, and that is just right. 
(More on this story and what was personally gleaned to be shared in the gatherings)

My life, private practice and classes have always been filled with brilliant, spiritually intelligent, wise women -- and I'm aware of a deep and strong calling to bring what we know together in story, song, ceremony and sisterhood. 
Some things the Wild Woman who crawled out of me brought forward: The importance of our Vision and Voice, Partnership, Anger, Sex, Dreams, Spiritual Interruptions, Harnessing Fear, Pleasure, Creativity, Recognizing modern Initiations, Recognizing where there is Spiritual Bypass, Body Awareness and embodiment, the importance of the feminine having radical Abundance, Acknowledging the breadth and depth of Women's Work, the importance and impact of women coming together and more. 
I'm sure what each of us will bring to the dialog will expand and refine this list. 

We will: Share silence, a check in, each have an invitation to use our voice and listen carefully to each other's wisdom, sing, create ceremony, connect with our own bodies, be fortified and fortify each other's light. 
We are all teachers of experience. 
We will all be invited to share our teachings in a safe and held circle. 

The intention is to meet 12 times, beginning August 20th from 6-9. There is a week where I know I'll be away -- and there may be other collectively agreed upon interruptions, but we should complete by mid to late November.

The Details: 

When: Next run begins January 28th, 2019

Where: Tending Moon 2430 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA

Financial offering: $333. Offering can be broken up into 2 or 3 installments. 
If 12 or more women register, the offering will drop to $300.

What: An intensive, immersive series of gatherings focused on integrating and weaving our collective knowingness as women. 
All women are welcome. 

About Me: I hold a BFA in Print from Maine College of Art, and am a seminary trained and ordained Interfaith minister. My private practice includes Spiritual Companionship, Contemplative Art Approach art classes, Sound Healing and Community Ministry. I have companioned and worked with folks of all walks, in many forms from a very young age, and delight in supporting individuals and community. More can be found throughout this site. 

To officially register, please drop a line to Meg Yates at or fill out the form below! 


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