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Mark Of The Wild 1/19 - 2/23

Re-Earth yourself through wild creativity! 

This 6 week course is centered on exploring mark making as a pathway to interacting with the wild within. We will explore different materials, techniques and tools for mark making -- and in addition, the richness of connecting our marks to the medicine of the elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Throughout the course we will create a variety of works, with the option of working on a long-term final project. 

Expect: a moment of silence and “check-in”, an invitation to explore contemplative practice, and studio time. I will be available for technical, and creative/spiritual guidance throughout the process.

Some words of experience: 
“Through Mark of the Wild, I received medicine to nurture myself, my practice and my child. Fire brought transformation. Water brought purification and blessings. Earth brought connections and the pulse of life and Air brought expansion and movement.” ~ Alicia

When - Thursday, January 12th - Thursday, February 16th
6:00 - 8:00 (with some flexibility if folks need a few mins beyond 8)

I'm generally available for one-on-one Mark of the Wild guided journeys too. Reach out if interested! 

Where - Bay Street Studios, Upstairs in Studio #8 (301 W. Holly Street) 

Cost - $175 - $250 sliding scale
Payment plans available. 

Some materials provided, others will be covered with the studio fee. Feel free to bring you favorite brushes, inspiring books, and other materials you may wish to incorporate into your project

Who - artists of all levels of experience interested in contemplative art process, mark making, re-earthing. 

REGISTER by December 31st! 
To register, please write to