My practice is multidisciplinary -- with an approach that meets each person where they are. Spiritual companionship, sound healing and supporting presencing practices are the main components of session work. Sometimes art, movement and visioning exercises arise as needed.

I have had the honor of working with and learning from incredible teachers and healers. My work has led me to work with elders, inmates, children, newly weds, animals, peers, new mothers, couples, the dying, and the grieving and folks who are transitioning out of old habits, addictions, and pain. I’ve witnessed lasting change and transformation in my clients. The work is low and slow, and often not glamourous. Working with a trusted companion deepens our commitment to change and holds us accountable to the process. The path is often shrouded in mystery. I’m called to meet folks in the border spaces, see what’s there, and find ways of bringing what’s gleaned into usable, practical practice

Important to note: 

I typically have hours for one-on-one session:

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Occasionally other session hours are available. 

I offer a Sound Healing/Vocal Technique group class called Open Your Voice. All are welcome. 

To set up a session, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You will contacted to set an appointment. Sessions can take place physically or virtually. Do not let distance deter you from reaching out. 

I met Meghan at a healing workshop and immediately knew she had something important to offer me as I was approaching a major transition in my life. After three sessions I felt clear about the direction my life needed to take, and had the energy and resolve to make the necessary changes that would bring me closer to fulfillment and happiness.

In addition, she taught me visualization techniques that empowered me in the presence of current challenges. Her unwavering companionship supports me in the exciting, new chapter of my life’s journey. I am humbled and grateful for her compassion, kindness, wisdom and guidance. She is a very special medicine woman.
— Lauren G, PCC
Doing voice work with Meghan Yates has opened up new pathways of expressing myself. and has helped me step into my true authentic voice.
— Cyndi (Open Your Voice student)

The parts that make up the whole ... 

Spiritual Companionship 

Chaplaincy training has provided me with many tools for spiritual companionship and deep listening. There are times where it's important to be heard in a sacred container. The language of Spirit can sometimes be unfamiliar and unearthing. Illness, grief, great and rapid change sometimes accompany spiritual awakening, and it can be helpful to have a friend in this process. I serve as an inner wilderness guide, providing tools for you to navigate your experience, and most importantly listening to you with open ears, heart and mind.  

This is typically a 60 to 90 minute conversation that is directed by you, held by witness and support by me. When needed, we will return to our breath, silence, ask questions, and employ storytelling. Spiritual Companionship is not therapy (looking at ones past and assessing past impact on present), nor is it coaching (solution seeking). Our practice aims to "enter into" the here and now with presence, and explore bringing the ineffable to more tangible practice in ones life through connecting with another -- both of which nurture peace, compassion, and true engagement with ones life. Sessions can be done in person, or over the phone/skype.

Sound Healing 

Sound healing is a primary aspect of my personal practice and session work. Being a life-long student of the voice and breath, it's my call to offer freedom and the potential of self healing through sound. I had the honor of apprenticing with Sandra Chaussee, a Shamanic Sound Healer. In addition, I have been taught some ancient techniques for creating vibrational alignment, which leads to ultimate freedom and happiness! 

This work is profoundly deep. To walk this path of healing is to open yourself to infinite, generative energy that connects you with the inherent functioning of the universe. This work requires a willingness to go to the edges and border spaces, and enter into a realm of infinite potential. Nearly all of the worlds spiritual paths have creation stories that initiate creation with a sound! This may illustrate how potent sound healing is, and how working intentionally with sound helps you release and transform and blossom in spiritual consciousness. 

Join me in playful exploration! 

  • All sound healing ceremonies take time -- 1 - 2 hours, and are intensive, transformative and potent. If you have any questions before booking, please reach out by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Energy Work and Energy Management Education Sessions

My work is centered on listening to each client, honoring their needs and bearing witness to the process of unfolding. My philosophy and approach to healing is that we are built to heal ourselves -- and, we are an intimate, interconnected being that is nourished by closely working with others. The tools and practices offered are intended to be taken and explored, even refashioned as needed -- as we have agency in our own process and have inherent access to wholeness. 
Remembrance of wholeness is amplified when we work together with clear vision, voice and presence. There are moments or seasons when it's helpful to have a clear and friendly companion reflecting back to us our own clarity, vision, energy and words back to us. 
I've been trained in various modalities that assist me in offering tools for exploring the edges. My background as an artist and musician has actively shaped my practice, and has encouraged my trust in the process of companioning those experiencing grief, spiritual awakening, turbulence, or who just need fresh access to the deep well of the self. Sessions have a reliable rhythm, often returning to silence as medicine. We honor the mystic and in addition get into and bring alignment to the body. 

Some things that might emerge, depending on a clients needs: Reiki, Earth Medicine and Journey work, Sound Healing, Movement, Yogic Breath, Chaplaincy/Spiritual Companionship, Guided Meditation (influenced by studying with Jackie Major), Silence, Prayer, Singing, Dance...Play!

Sessions are offered on a sliding scale basis. Reach out for more information. 

If you have any questions, I welcome them!

Wow, I don’t even know if I could describe Meghan in words. She is such an incredible healer... The gifts she carries within her and spreads out to the world are beyond comprehension. She is so fine tuned, so skilled at what she does and knows, and yet such a modest and beautiful being. She isn’t even from our realm... I honestly believe that; she comes from a place so much higher and is bringing such peace and joy to all. I am delighted to know her, honored to travel with her, and my life is forever changed since meeting her
— Lisa Young, LMT
Meg is wonderful at facilitating awareness and positive expression with her clients! I have been working with her for a few months both in “Open Your Voice” and through private sessions. I am constantly amazed at her understanding and the relevant knowledge she is so gracefully able to share. As a new person to any sort of play with my voice, I appreciate her ability in meeting each person where they are in their individual voice journey. This is exactly what I am needing to understand and express my own voice and inner truth. Thank you Meg for sharing what you know!
— Leah Vong

Classes & Workshops  

Reiki I, II and III trainings

Activate your hands, Activate your awareness! If you are seeking a way to help yourself and others, Reiki is a great foundation! This modality is simple and profound! Learning how to "listen with your hands" is an incredible way to expand wellness! Wonderfully compatible with other practices, adding to the efficacy and amplifying what already exists within each of us. 

Reiki I addresses self care and introduces you to the practice - $150

Reiki II turns up the volume and permits you to begin building your practice with others! - $175

Reiki III brings you to mastery (a life-long practice) and permits you to teach others and attune healers! - $400

Trainings can be set up upon request. If you are interested, please inquire! 

Reiki Continuing Ed - Running a business - More info forthcoming

Aligning the energetic body through sound -- This is a day-long workshop that offers a rich look at the energetic body, and potent sound healing tools that can be woven into one's self healing practices. Inquire for more information and/or to book this workshop. 

Taking energy work to the next level - an 8 week vision and voice class are in development - More info forthcoming! 

My experience with Meghan was beyond virtuous. Her warm, caretaker presence and sincere words gave me clarity and comfort. I am so grateful to have allowed Meghan’s accompaniment during a very difficult transition in my life. Over the course of our session, waves of emotion surfaced from a suppressed place. Areas of discomfort within matured to feelings of confidence. Meghan left me with the suggested assignment to compose an honest list of the things I desire in my life. I began my list that evening and it continues to grow daily in a helpful and cleansing method. I will forever value this encounter and highly recommend Meghan’s lifting guidance to anyone.
— Jacqueline
I came to Meghan with an overwhelming darkness that I couldn’t explain or maybe even name. It permeated everything. As we started our session in meditation, I immediately felt what can only be described as relief, like a cinder block lifted from my heart, because I knew that this is exactly where I was supposed to be and I knew for sure that Meghan would be able to guide me. We set up a series of sessions of aura and soul work, Reiki, and meditation. Each time, I leave with tools of thought and spirit and practice that are entirely applicable in my life to be able to understand the waves and rocks inside me and to create positive outlets. My universe is profoundly shifting to one of comprehension and empowerment—-she is teaching me how to free my authenticity. I trust Meghan, which is a very important and blessed connection especially while doing this work.

Opening yourself to healing is a brave act. Meghan offers such safety and wisdom and validation that what is right and true and good for each of us is ours to have
— Jocelyn
I met Meghan 3 years ago at a holiday art sale, where she performed a reiki healing on me. I knew from the get go that I should keep her in my pocket for future reference... Little did I know she would be facilitating me through what seemed to be the fight of my life. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I contacted her immediately! Requesting her unlimited guidance, partnership, and expertise.
With Megan’s guidance on so many levels I have altered the course of my life. Bottom line, I’ve met with her every week since the diagnosis, and frankly, it has made all the difference.
Meghan has an innate, cultural, and powerful ability to redirect thinking back to the center, to what’s really important. Which is... Life... Fully, spiritually, confidently, and connectively lived.
We are not separate. We are all connected, so lets make this great!!!
Get busy living your dream, or get busy dying.. The truth, and choice is yours!
— Francine
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* a note - I occasionally have another person accompany me for a healing session to keep the energy that surrounds a session neutral and in right relationship. All information shared in a session is kept confidential by all persons involved - unless there is apparent danger to the client. It should be noted that my work is not intended to replace other forms of medicine or counseling. 

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