Intuition + Storytelling + Creative Expression + Inner Wilderness + Pilgrimage + Healing + Deep Listening + Holy Mystery


Together, lets soulfully Draw it out!  


Entering into contemplative creative process opens up many invitations for self-discovery and healing.  

This path is about exploring the intersections and the border-spaces, and creating personal and collective works that make proof of the process. This path is what you bring to it, and goes where you go. 

All acts are creative acts. Painting, Drawing, Collage, Dancing, Singing, Writing and Stage Art - and also - Bread Baking, Creating Rituals to ease transitions, Gazing, Resting in Silence, Bed Making, Gardening, Preparing a Meal and Walking...Observing and Appreciating Beauty is another act of creation.... 

All acts are an invitation to See, Hear, Taste, Feel, Praise - and therefore Contemplate all that is within and beyond. 

As we collectively explore and experiment with what it means to be spiritually awake in the 21st century and how we can occupy ourselves more authentically, we begin to see the need to access and unfurl our inner being. External structures of spiritual community are rapidly changing, and this demands of each of us more self awareness and initiative in creating other avenues for connection and spiritual intimacy. ArtMonasticism aims to make what we practice "live-able," and even more juicy than that, FUN! We aim for soulful embodiment and enlightenment. Our work is to Be In The World, rather than separate from it, soulfully engaged in every act. Through creating together, we push the boundaries of our limitations, we soften into our edges, we tumble into smoothness, we go together in the direction of wholeness. Our art gives voice to the language of our soul, and we make evidence of our journey within. We are invited to slow down through the process of creation, allowing space to receive the jewels from our inner landscape. The art and the process of arriving at a piece of art then becomes a tool for later reflection. 

Creating together opens up the possibilities of inspiration -- and -- it's ultimately a kind of service. As we name and share our truth together in word and art, we become more in touch and confident in our authenticity, and this impacts others in ways we cannot always know. 

This "contemplative arts" thing is both a new idea, and a really old one. The artist and the monk are parallel archetypes that rely on introspection, discipline and devotion to experiencing and expressing the subtle aspects of being human. We all possess within us a deep well of wisdom and the ability to create. If you are needing creative and spiritual nourishment and community, take a chance and soulfully draw it out with me! 

True contemplation always overflows into creation—it becomes a creative act.
— Beverly Lanzetta, Radical Wisdom

You are invited!

What does it look like to engage in this community?

  • coming together as community and creating together in classes

  • sacredly dropping in with ArtMonk retreats

  • participating in workshops

  • submitting your art work for the Call for heART series (Art as Prayer)

  • Participating in Art for Food (Art as Service)

  • playing with contemplative art offerings and developing your spiritual and creative process & practices.

  • sharing your findings and art, inspirations and breakthroughs! We now have a Facebook group! ArtMonks Unite! 

The path is continuously unfolding, and the work is never done. This work is an invitation to explore the fringes of your spiritual and creative life. A class or retreat or a series can open up new pathways to experience yourself as an artist, as a person. I am honored to offer the experience and the wisdom I've gleaned from my path, and will have some offerings that are free, and other offerings that go deeper for a modest fee. Ultimately, this is for you to explore and create fresh pathways to accessing yourself -- and there's ease and depth that can happen when we work together in right -relationship to call ourselves out and be supported in our brilliance. 

I won't lie, it's not easy being radically awake or to forge your own path. This work will challenge you, but we'll be in it together.

There are never limitations of faith or no faith, named or un-named paths - and never limitations based on artistic ability or experience. All are welcome.


How this all came about...

This work is inspired by my own path as a multicultural, multi-passioned woman, who through trial and strife arrived at understanding the sacredness of creativity -- and the absolute necessity for deep, soul restoring silence. My need for creative expression propelled me into exploring other cultures and the worlds religions, transcendentalism and modern mysticism and ultimately led me to gaze at the miracle of my own existence. My need for silence was born from chaos -- and a deep and abiding love for the God Of My Heart -- and a need to hear that still, small voice louder than the chatter of my own nervousness and fear. As I've grown and discovered great thinkers and artists and people, I began to notice how special the intersections of art and the mystic roots of contemplation are and that I had something to offer the world. 

I am Passionate about nurturing your impulse to create -- and supporting you who are ready to ask yourselves who you are and what you want. You who are ready to dive in and create more art, love, enjoyment, color, bold choices, play -- and make proof that you went there. 

The folks that inspire me the most with this work are: The Art Monastery Project in Italy, Christine Valtners Paintner and her project, Abbey of the Arts, Beverly Lanzetta, and radical monastics throughout all history.