#366artchallege - days 1-9

Just a little taste of what has transpired so far in the #366artchallenge (it's leap year folks! Most any other year #365artchallenge would have been right! Here's my official correction and update on the proper hashtag for this year! ;) ) 

Here is today's painting

And the other 8 can be found here: http://www.meghan-yates.com/artist-portfolio/

Originals will not be available for sale until the project is complete, but reservations are welcome and prints are available for $20. (email whimsymim@gmail.com if interested in either)

Thank you for walking with me! 

In art and with pleasure, 


Call for heART! Let's get our love on for Wesley Carola Ethridge!

Praying for Wesley next to Kali Ma, my worry eating doll - Meghan Yates 3/22/15 

Praying for Wesley next to Kali Ma, my worry eating doll - Meghan Yates 3/22/15 

Call for heART. 
My dear friends and fellow Artmonk Alicia and her husband Will have a little boy Wesley who came out of the womb both incredibly luminous -and- with a very fragile heart. He has had rather intensive care and some surgeries in his 16 months of being here. He is over-all, one of the most happy and resilient people I have met. Right now, he is in critical condition, post op - and his parents are weary and needing rest, good news, and mostly, their little boy to be well and able to express his beautiful self fully. In my prayer time yesterday morning, I saw thousands of colorful hearts floating gently towards Wesley, Alicia and Will - and I knew today the call was to act in prayer and make a healthy heart for Wesley.

The work I do as an Artmonk, the way I grew in intimacy and spiritual depth with Alicia, calls out Art As Prayer - a way to send messages, wishes, faith, bolstering to those in need. So here is the call! If you wish to send a HeART prayer to Wesley, Alicia and Will - please make a Heart centered piece of art and post to Instagram and or Facebook - using hashtags‪#‎prayerforwesley‬ and ‪#‎heART‬ and tag @aliciaethridge and @wteii (Facebook tags, Alicia Ethridge and William Ethridge) Let's flood this family with love!!! Are you in?! Even if you don't know the Ethridges, don't be shy! With bright Love! Mimiges 
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