So Many Beautiful Things!

Hello Friends! 

It's been a full and generative season! 

I just got back from Mexico, where I experienced warm salt water for the very first time! And this was my first real vacation, and I'm still savoring the settled pace that had a chance to land in my body from sand, sun, sea and being with a cherished friend. My daily painting practice included learning a bit about watercolors while I was traveling, and that has greatly influenced how I'm approaching my practice still. There is a growing confidence in marks not made now, in the space that's left in a painting where I used to fill it up totally. A kind of planning that requires inner sight before anything is laid down. I have much to learn about this still.... translating an inner silence and clarity of sight onto the page. 

While on vacation, I had time to dream about huge projects that I want to work on, like a book about the art process I've been developing for as long as I've been making art ... and about how the daily painting practice has altered my life. It really has. I had gone through a few years of health issues that made it hard to work in a regular way for other people without debilitating anxiety. I felt overwhelmed and lost for a long time. When I started painting every day, I began to feel directed from within myself. As I saw my inner life manifest, connected with my breath and body, things began to move differently. I saw that I had something to offer. Threads and themes emerged as I listened to what the paint had to say, and I began to see myself and my gifts again after having lost sight. Daily painting restored hope in me, and continues to do so as I see that the process of creation/creativity doesn't end with the creator. Other's continue the creation as they view and respond with their stories and sight evoked by a work. 

Daily painting led me to trust that I could take my gifts into the world and work for myself. This has generously assisted me in maintaining my health and nervous system, and I've been blessed to share what I know with folks in ways I couldn't have dreamt of before committing to this practice. 

This leads me to share an exciting development! 

I've launched a Patreon page inviting folks to be supported and of support as I build more ways to share what I know. I'm beginning to take steps towards the big dreams, and want to invite you to join me in the walk. If you want to check out my page, you can do so here: 

We're kicking off with a giveaway! If you pledge $1 or more per month, you'll be entered in! 

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I look forward to being more of service, offering more, giving more away. Your support will make that more possible. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for reading, walking with me, walking your own walk! 

Let's shine!