Little Update!

Daily paintings updated under the #365artchallenge 2017 tab! 

Day 225/365  -- I Of My Storms -- Meghan Yates 2017

Day 225/365  -- I Of My Storms -- Meghan Yates 2017

It's amazing to me how multi-layered this practice is. It started as a way to study the monastic principle of Stability through art -- and it has been that study -- and it has also been So much more. This practice has been a way to connect with folks, to retain memory and connection to subtle inner threads and dreams, an opportunity to practice presence in the flow by allowing each painting to come out and to move on. Before this practice I was constantly creating, but also constantly negotiating my creativity. I remember shimmers of the way it used to be, when I tried more to regulate or manage myself to fit into what I thought the world needed/wanted of me, and that dam was bound to break! 
The world needs me to be me -- and for you to be you.

Something I know: sustainable change comes from within. 
Painting every day is my sustainable way to stay present to the language of my inner life, and keep aligned with what I call "the generous reality", where I'm invited to move from inside to outside.

So, here are my insides!

May you in joy!