Today's Prayer

From 1/25/17

Dear All That Is,

Thank you for this day, for breath!

Thank you for water. For the water in our bodies that connects us to all that is here, all that has been here. I've been keenly aware lately of the presence of ancestors, ancients and how their important, quiet messages are carried in water. I've been aware of how we share what we know, even without using words, by the slight mist that comes from our mouths and nose when we talk, breath, sing, pray out loud. How we share what we know when we share our tears in spontaneous ceremony. Thank you for showing us how intricately we are woven together as One.

Something I'm learning about is being active without being reactive. I want "the more beautiful world my heart knows is possible ", and to see that, I need to be willing to take a different path home. If I reinforce my own unhelpful behaviors, or set others up to reinforce my behaviors that keep me from being my brightest, most beautiful self, it's harder to break through the veil. 
I'm willing to practice being bright. I willing to practice casting no light.

Thank you for our voice. I want to fully remember how to use it. I know that our voice is powerful, and that power needs a source of energy to sustain. We create waves every time we speak, and the Energy Goes On. The sound travels by vibrating air molecules, eventually weakens and changes form and is absorbed or reflected by other objects. The sound changes, but the energy of the sound goes on. How is our Energy Going On with our voice? How can we use our voice to deliver what we really want, who we really are through the air and to others ears... to the water in their bodies? How can we fortify the brightness of others and ourselves with the words we speak? How does Spirit influence how generative our voice is?

A teacher said: "The true energy of Spirit is you!" And "Spirit is what you make it."

Are WE the source of energy for our powerful voice?

Will WE stay woke, and keep speaking, praying, talking to each other, so that when the energy weakens and dissipates, changes, another wave is forthcoming, keeping the energy going on? 
Are WE willing to be accountable for our voice, and the fact that the energy of what we speak out loud goes on?

In Blue,