In Full Bloom - Sunday Service & Contemplative Self Portraiture Class

Lots moving here in this dreamland -- so I'll get right to it! 

First -- A dream come true weekly inter-spiritual service! Sunday Sounds has begun! We meet most every Sunday to share time and voice together.
Bear witness, release, call in, offer your wisdom, play. 

Where: Elizabeth Park Gazebo, Bellingham, WA
When: 10 am PST
All are welcome -- and invited to participate! 
If there's a hiccup to meeting, updates will be posted on our Facebook group

Second -- The first run of my live, 8 week Contemplative Self Portraiture Class in Washington State starts next week, and we have a few more spots open! This is a gently radical approach to seeing yourself, and making proof you went there. In the 5 years that I have been developing and teaching contemplative art classes, I've seen incredible, generative and nourishing progress in my students both creatively and personally. 
Here are some words from Contemplative Self Portraiture students: 

“The minute I started this class, an inner awakening occurred. My body felt different, my voice became clearer and more certain, and my heart noticed it’s restrictions and allowed them to let go. When you take the time to look at yourself and put brush to paint to paper, you are giving yourself permission to Be without judgement. And there are so many lessons in that. This class teaches those lessons, guiding you closer to your truest Self. 
In order to take this class, it is encouraged that you trust Meghan’s immense power as a healer, supporter, and friend. Indulge!”

                                                                                                                                                               — Sara Hallie Richardson 

“The contemplative portraiture class offered me an opportunity turn inward and be present with my spirit in a warm, accepting and safe community setting. The ability to go inward is facilitated by our opening meditation and contemplative exercises which prime participants for connection with the divine during the creative process. In our early classes I appreciated encouragement to play and experiment with new materials and varying techniques. In later sessions I appreciated being pushed to go outside of my comfort zone, to take a risk, to just do, to be in the moment. Meghan strikes a perfect balance of offering technical support and feedback while reflecting the divine essence of the artwork’s marks and content. Each week when I returned to my portrait more and more was revealed to me about the workings of my inner world as it relates to my community, my environment, the spiritual realm and my heritage.”

                                                                                                                                                                              — Alicia Ethridge

The class deets: 
When -- Starts March 10th at 7 PM PST -- will meet 8 times. 
Where -- The Foundry Makerspace -- 1515 N. Forest Street, Bellingham, WA
Cost -- $175-$250 Sliding Scale Offering for tuition + $15 studio fee to cover materials. 
To Register or if you have any questions -- please email Meghan at

If you're at all curious, reach out! 

My own practice is expanding with this #366artchallenge -- and I'll send out another note soon with last month's paintings and what is slowly, gently emerging from engaging in this practice! 

In BOLD Creativity, 
Meghan Yates

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