Today's Prayer


Dear All That Is,

Thank you for this day, for breath.
Thank you for the remembering.

Mini Sermon - In the early moments of this day, for just a brief glimpse, I remembered who I am and what we are capable of.

I am a dreamer. I'm built for translating the ineffable, exercising the faculty of my imagination as a legitimate tool and walking in community. I am a true optimist that sees beyond the surface fear, grief, and defeat - and I'm ready to really get to work.

For a long time, I didn't know what I wanted beyond healing from trauma and self understanding, so I floated around trying everything that struck my gut and heart chords. When I have had direction, incredible things have happened! The best aspects of my life are ones that I actively imagined first. I'm not exaggerating. I imagined nearly every aspect of my husband, recognized him when we met and celebrate the fact that he dreamt of me too. My inner sight lead me to and through art school, and interfaith seminary. Trusting myself lead me to key relationships. Sharing and building a vision of a joyfully supported life with Mordechai led us to taking the leap of moving to Washington and towards our fulfillment and happiness. 
My personal needs have been simple, and I'm not particularly ambitious about money or worldly things - my attention is drawn elsewhere: HOPE. Hope for our future. Hope for the Earth. 
It has become so loud to me that to Hope is to have vision, to see through what appears to be true, to see what is possible beyond immediate limitations. To Hope is to trust in your vision, and even expect to see the desired outcome.

I'm curious about what it could mean for our shared reality if we engaged in hope. What would it be like if we had a strong vision of our future and held it while taking small steps towards that vision everyday with a heart of expectation? What do we need to create the beautiful world we know is possible?

I believe we first need to remember how to be with ourselves and each other, how to be kind, compassionate and happy. We need to remember that we're capable and worthy of creating and directing our energy towards a beautiful vision. We need to know that it's not foolish to dream! Some may not yet understand you dreamers. Are you willing to dream and imagine a more beautiful world anyway?

The imagination is the most powerful tool I've found to cut through illusion. What we can individually create can fill a personal universe. When we connect and share vision, what WE can create is wild!

This day I pray towards Hope of Spirit. I pray that we remember how to be kind to ourselves and each other. I pray for the dreamers to find each other, and to play in imagination. I pray that we trust ourselves and value all of our faculties as important. I pray that we support each others expression and exploration. I pray that in addition to product, we see value in process.

And so much more!

In Hope, in Vision,