My First Year Of Daily Painting!

I did it! 
I made a painting every single day this year -- whether I felt good, flew across the country, worked a full day ... I did it! 
I wanted to transform myself through daily practice, to build a container for my holy and creative curiosity, to get unstuck from feeling unsure of what I'm here to do ....

I'm here to create! 
I'm here to create bridges for myself between worlds, and to point others in the direction of doing so for themselves too -- to help flip the switches and to help navigate the language of Spirit through creative expression.

I want a world where we recognize spiritual light, and recognize the language of Spirit and of our inner universe. 
Breath, deep listening, some silence, movement, painting and doing something about this BIG WANT brings me closer to it. 
I'm willing to practice daily. 
I'm willing to paint daily for at least another year. 
I'm willing to share what I know.

What practice transformed you this year? 
Will you share what you know

Celebrating with an art opening, where I'll share all 366 paintings! If you're in Washington state, and want to join the celebration, the opening is January 6th at the Bellingham Folk School (1208 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA) and doors open at 5 pm! Hope to see you! 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ALL!