Today's Prayer


Great Creator,

Thank you for breath, 
For life.

Thank you for imbuing us with creativity. May we strive to understand the importance of using our voices, imagination, and creativity. Vision is essential to healing ourselves and to being a harmonious presence. Without sight around the edges of the hard objects that occasionally or seasonally obstruct our paths, we move blindly. Being able to marry sight of what is and what could be births Hope. May we have hope. May we stand in ourselves, and may we stand together with hope. May our imaginations lead us to new edges of thought, a new precipice of clarity. May our creativity deliver us messages in the language our soul understands.

In celebration of the wholeness that my creativity has offered me. Creative expression has been the strongest medicine - emboldening me to name not only my stories of pain and triumph, but also access where we share in collective pain and heroes journeys, the wild feminine, sweet love, loss, essence. Art has brought me closer to myself and other people. Even my marriage emerged from a night of song.

Thank you for teaching how creation, maintenance and unwinding are intrinsically blended. Creation is always accessible, practice is essential, nothing is permanent. Thank you for teaching me that perfection is not essential to creativity, that creating anything is enough to set subtle forces to work. 
Thank you for teaching me how to thrive by having vision and using my creative voice when everything else was falling to shit. My voice was the one thing that no one could truly take from me, and wholeness has been possible because my creativity was intact. Truly grateful. It's why encouraging and empowering others in their creative lives is so important to me. Thank you for giving me direction and a path of service.

In reverence and in living color, 
Mimiges (butterfly)