Haiku for Unity - Call for Submissions


It has been a while since I've put a post out. So much writing has taken place, but I've been feeling a tad shy about putting it out there. When I'm blocked in art, writing, music, or with sharing my creative expression, I find it helpful to make something small. If putting the big stuff out there is too much, why not start by taking just one, tiny step!
It turns out that the small things are HUGE flow makers! 
Every little effort builds the larger efforts, and that is how change is made. 

So - Here is a Haiku for Unity! 

Your turn! You're invited to write a Haiku (here's how) and share it with us! I'd love for us to flood the internet with artful thoughts! If you're up for responding to the call, comment on this Joyful Noise post about with your poems! No limit on number of submissions, and as always, All are Welcome! 

Looking forward to reading what you create! 

With Great Care,