Call for heART - Prayers for the Earth and All of Earth's inhabitants

Today is Earth Day! My prayer is for all of the Earth, all of us, to be well and to become more of a WE. May the grasses, the trees, the waters, the winds, the winged, the crawlers, the furry, the slippery, those with legs and those without, those bring pollen, those who clean the carnage, we who talk, we who have sight, we who have hearts, we who walk the Earth, all of us be well! 

I am working on my piece, and will be posting it soon! 

So here is the call!
If you wish to send a heART prayer to the Earth and/or any particular creature, being, element of our Earth - please make a Heart centered piece of art (any kind of art!) and post to Instagram and/or Facebook - using hashtags ‪#heARTprayerforearth and #callforheART and if you tag Meg Yates on Facebook, and give your permission, I will post your art with credit on my website (! Through creating sacred space, slowing down through creating art, receiving and also sharing the messages we receive through that process, we share our light. Art alone will not heal, but our participation in whatever ways call our authentic selves will activate us and inspire us to participate more fully in our lives. If you are called to, create! I look forward to seeing what flows forth! 

Feel free to share this call by cutting and pasting the text! 
***There are never limitations based on artistic ability or experience, nor  any limitations of faith or no faith, named or un-named paths. All are welcome to participate.