Call for heART -- Prayers for the Waters of our Earth

                                                                                                        photo credit: Meghan Yates 2015 

                                                                                                        photo credit: Meghan Yates 2015 

Today is World Water Day. Last year on this day (3/22/15) I was in Arizona with about 399 women + the 13 Grandmothers-- gathered around Montezuma Well in simultaneous ceremony with people all over the world for water, our life blood. The Grandmothers are great teachers. They show the way through ceremony and invitation. They are fierce and directed and also welcoming and kind. This way of teaching brings the heart with your mind. Those days opened my heart and set me on a path of re-building my life in right relationship. I met women from other tribes whose stories were so similar to my families stories, that I awoke to know that this is a pain WE need to heal. It's not for any one of us to heal alone. Through facing the past with other women, and allowing the tears to flow, I came closer to understanding how the Grandmothers were teaching us about How to Heal the waters of our earth. The salt in our tears, the salt in the ocean. It is most necessary to face with vulnerability our existence and therefore our impact on everything within and around us. To heal our waters, we need to heal ourselves too. We don't harm others when we are right with ourselves. We need to get right with ourselves. We need to get right with each other and this Earth. It's a process, and one that requires great courage. 

So here is the call!
If you wish to send a heART prayer to the Waters of our Earth - please make a Heart centered piece of art (any kind of art!) and post to Instagram and/or Facebook - using hashtags ‪#prayerforourwaters and #callforheART and if you tag Meg Yates on Facebook, and give your permission, I will post your art with credit on this website! Through creating sacred space, slowing down through creating art, receiving and also sharing the messages we receive through that process, we share our light. Art will not heal our waters or heal us, but our participation in whatever ways call our authentic selves will activate us and inspire us to participate more fully in our lives. If you are called, create! I look forward to seeing what flows forth! 

Feel free to share this call by cutting and pasting the text! 

***There are never limitations based on artistic ability or experience, nor  any limitations of faith or no faith, named or un-named paths. All are welcome to participate.