Every Breath Is A Prayer

A thought....

Sometimes, we live waiting for "the thing." That singular thing that is going to make sense of this strange and bewildering experience of life. What if that "thing" is simply Being, the beautiful collection of moments that gently sing the song of who you truly are. What if there is no stage or crowd of strangers cheering you on, or promotion, or some other external, sensational moment of satisfaction?!
It's not that these things of the world are not to be wanted. We are here to experience this life. There's just something subtle about self mastery. When you know how infinite, luminous and beautiful you are, every breath becomes an expression of your unity with All That Is! When you see yourself, you see others. All moments become an opportunity to express and receive appreciation for the beauty of being here, together. 
This person is inspired by the possibility of knowing that Unity. This person desires a life of fulfillment and joy, and few other things bring the kind of joy that comes from allowing myself to soften and experience this life as it is. 
May you know Unity with all that you already are, all that is. May you know softness. May you savor this moment. 

Until again!