Seen and Unseen - Artist Statement 

In art, and in life, I strive to reach into where magic and the Great Mystery dwell. I enjoy how the process of making art can bring definition to my own ineffable and confounding experiences, family history and heritage, the feminine, my sense of the Divine and holy curiosity. Some works are very quick and intimately sketched, while others are tended to for long periods of time. Characters may be deeply rooted in a landscape, or trip and fall into alternate experiences within the same painting -- or they may just be travelling through. I love getting to know each character, even versions of myself through the act of painting. 

I received my BFA in Printmaking from The Maine College of Art in 2005. A life long love of color, painting and making multiples through wild mark making brought me to explore print. Through making multiples and the alchemy of the process, I learned the practice of relinquishing the preciousness of my art. Print is inherently collaborative, and learning to create with and in front of others sparked in me a lot of what has now become my work as a teacher and spiritual cheerleader. Performance, installation and community based projects are also significant processes in my practice -- continuing with the practice of relinquishing preciousness and highlighting expression of the things that cannot be said with ink or paint, but only through presence, collaboration and interaction. The desire for presence brings me to art - and - brings me to companion friends and strangers alike in my private practice, sometimes at the same time. In recent years, I have returned to my love of pushing paint, working prolifically and ardently. 

Below are some examples of my work. If you are interested in staying current with my work, and/or purchasing a piece, please stay in touch via facebook! You can also drop a line to - please name the piece that captured your heart in the email title. 

Paintings & Drawings 2005-Present


HOPE / RED THREAD - Featured Artist for the Redmond Arts Festival

I was invited to be the Featured Artist for the Redmond Arts Festival, through Vala Eastside. On July 8th, 9th and 10th, 2016,  I facilitated a community art project called, HOPE / Red Thread. This project invited community members to write out their hopes, dreams, wants, wishes and visions for the Earth, People and Life on Earth, and our shared Future. Then participants will wrap their hopes on iron "receivers", spoke their hope aloud, and connected their hope with other hopes on the board with red thread. 

There were so many moments concentrated in beauty and presence. I was brought to tears a few times. Children know what they want: "I want an end to violence." and "I dream of a world where all people have food and clean drinking water." and "I want to see a Pegasus!" and "I want a cat!" all exist next to each other. People with strongly apposing dreams and wants, political and spiritually diverse dreams are connected to each other with red thread. I counted 10 languages spoken! Some prayed when they whispered their hope aloud, and the air around them changed. Everything paused as they dropped in with full trust in the importance of naming their words out loud. Some were confused, and still participated, letting the spontaneity of the moment be enough. We didn't need to know the details of what others wrote, and we didn't need to think or be the same to work together and create a beautiful piece of art together. In these times of unrest and change, may we find ways to come together in kindness, compassion, happiness, self understanding and HOPE. 

Below is a gallery of the progression of the project!